John McAndrew


Welcome to my blog.  I will post observations and ruminations in the hope of starting conversations. Divergent views are welcome, if supported by some effort to be rational. Courtesy, even in spirited debate, is expected. I will administer with a light hand.

I am a climate activist and group leader with Citizens’ Climate Lobby in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I worked for 15 years for a major book publisher as a sales rep in California before moving to Santa Fe to earn a Master’s Degree in Western Classics from St. John’s College. I’ve started a writing and editing business and a pet-sitting business while here, and am about ready for another career change. What won’t change is my commitment to and love for the natural world, for social justice, especially around women’s issues, and for intelligent, great-hearted writing about those and other things. I am a lover of great ideas beautifully expressed.

  1. I am dying to march as well. There is a broader acknowledgement of climate change but no one acts on the absolute urgency of the problem. Lots and lots of people need to be screaming, shutting down coal plants, organizing a political green candidate. Dear God, the time is now.

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