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Dear friends and readers,

I have a new blog post almost ready to go, but before that goes on the wall I’d just like to say how deeply moved and surprised I have been by your response to my last post, Ghosts, on suicide. I am pleased that it proved to be cathartic, or to provide some context, for some who are grieving the same deaths I am grieving. That was its intent.

I am also grateful to those who offered me your support, as willing recipients for any desperate phone calls I need to make – and as more gracious guests for my next birthday party. You guys are great: like a big brother who offers to beat up the people who hurt you. You don’t (usually) want people to actually get beat up, but it’s great to know that someone is fired up on your behalf.

Most of all, I have been pierced (tenderized was my first choice, but I’m not sure everyone has used a meat tenderizer) by the stories you have told me about your  experiences with depression and  suicide attempts – your own or those of friends. Some of you have dealt with so much pain in your lives. Knowing what you have coped with, what you have done for others in some of the most traumatic events human life has to offer . . .

Thank you, so much, for telling me these stories, for sharing these confidences. I am amazed by you. The things you have done – your perseverance, the help you have given, the attention you have paid to the hard lessons you have been given to learn – are genuinely heroic. I had no idea. Thank you.

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